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  1. On the main page there are a lot of settings, which are mandatory, which ones are not?

    It is only necessary to specify the URL of the site, in other fields you can leave default values.

  2. How to check the spelling of the entire site?

    Check the Spell check box and select the language of the site from the drop-down list.

  3. Will the scan continue if after it starts I close the browser?

    If you close the browser or leave the site, scanning will stop. When creating a project, you will be asked to save the project URL. If after scanning interruption, you open the saved URL in the browser, the scan will resume. After a few hours, if the scan will not be resumed, the collected data will be deleted.

  4. How to scan a site in multithreaded mode?

    You can scan the site in multithreaded mode. To do this, you must place the meta tag <meta name="audit" content=""> on the start page or create empty file in the root directory of the site.
    When scanning a site with one thread, the Crawl-delay directive from robots.txt is taken into account, if available. When scanning a site in several threads, this directive is not taken into account.

  5. What are the restrictions on the size of sites, number of sites and number of checks?

    There are no restrictions.

  6. I have a question, an offer. How to contact you?

    Write to us in feedback.

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