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Find partial and full content duplicates
Check internal links, find broken, nofollow and noindex links
Check external links, find broken, nofollow and noindex links
Analyze linking, calculate the weight of pages by the formula PR
Check images, find broken images, check title and alt attributes
Check canonical meta tag
Check the Google Analytics counter installation
Check headings H1 - H6, titles, keywords and description meta tags
Check content spelling
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Ignore words that contain numbers
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Don't check content of HTML elements with attribute ID
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Check subdomains
Don't check

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Technical site audit reveals errors that prevent promotion in search engines. Our service scans the site, searches full and partial duplicates of content, calculates pages weight using the PR formula, checks spelling in 50 languages, analyzes links , searches broken links, nofollow and noindex links, checks images, checks tags and meta tags, analyzes server response headers, time, speed, volume of downloaded pages and much more.

Our advantages over other programs and services that analyze the internal optimization of the site are:

  1. Detailed information on partial duplicates, showing coincident fragments with reflection of the percentage of coincidence, which is a unique feature
  2. All statistics are generated in real time, by running the scanner, you can immediately analyze the data received, without waiting for the scan to finish
  3. In fact, we offer a combine that includes the functionality of several services and programs, sufficient for carrying out the entire range of works on internal optimization of the site
  4. The number of pages and the number of sites that you can check is not limited
  5. The service does not require registration
  6. The service is free of charge